Pre-Delivery Inspection

Pre-Delivery Inspection

You have recently signed an agreement to purchase a new house or condo. However, you wish to make sure that everything is done according to good practice before the keys are handed over to you. You must therefore ensure that a pre-delivery inspection is done by a licensed building inspector to avoid finding yourself with a long list of discrepancies that may be difficult to correct, even delaying the move-in date.

A new construction does not necessarily mean a perfect building.  And, although a new construction is covered by a warranty plan and that an inspection must be done by the builder and the buyer when the work is completed, for some buyers it may be difficult to identify visible defects and demand that corrective work be done.

By being present during the preliminary pre-delivery inspection, I can explain to you the nature of the defects noted and the corrective work that needs to be done to the building components, including the foundation, roof, insulation, plumbing, electricity, heating, doors, windows, kitchen cabinets, flooring, railings, guard rails, etc.

I will then conduct a critical pre-delivery inspection with the builder to report my observations and request that the corrective work be done.

Note that, in the absence of a building inspector, the buyer may not notice the defects. The buyer has only three days after this inspection to add items on the list of elements to be corrected or completed if the buyer has not moved in yet. Past this deadline, the real estate is considered as having been inspected and accepted as is.

Should the client have to sue the contractor for construction defects, the signed document reporting the defects and modifications that are required will support the claim.

Usually, the presence of a licensed building inspector leads to better results for the client.

Your schedule is too full, you don’t have the qualifications and knowledge required to pinpoint the defects… no problem. Let us conduct your inspection and give you peace of mind.


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