Multiplex inspection

Multiplex inspection

If you plan on purchasing a multiplex, a preventative inspection by a licensed building inspector would enable you to better understand the challenges that come with this real estate before taking any decision.

If you already own a multiplex, I can advise you on your options to improve or renovate this real estate in order to protect your investment and strengthen your bottom line.

Whether you wish to have a single unit or all the units in the multiplex inspected, I bring to the table extensive hands-on experience in the inspection of residential multiplexes.

When managing a multiplex, funds must be allocated with care in order to achieve the best possible scenario without exceeding the budget. A professional analysis of the components requiring some attention enables us to build a schedule in order to spread all the purchases and work to be done over a number of years, while focusing on priorities.
It is without saying that a small investment in the professional advice of a licensed building inspector can help you maintain the viability and profitability of your multiplex for years to come.


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