Bill of Health

Bill of Health

The bill of health is an inspection that involves the diagnosis of each of the building’s or dwelling’s components. The bill of health is based on a simple, consistent and structured procedure that enables the gathering of technical data on components that have an impact on:

  • The health and safety of the occupants (based on applicable regulations, risks of injury, health hazards, etc.);
  • The integrity of the systems (that may lead to damages to the building, costs related to major work to be done, etc.);
  • The non-compliance of the systems;
  • An insufficient performance of the systems (heating, elevators, hardware, etc.);
  • The use of the property (i.e. ability to live in it).

What is the purpose of a bill of health? The bill of health:

  • Enables you to better understand the state of the property;
  • To have a list of discrepancies noted requiring corrective action;
  • To determine the priorities for the work to be done to correct discrepancies and establish the required funding;
  • To justify budgetary requirements to replace, improve or modernise elements of the property.

Finally, the bill of health helps you to plan more efficiently the work to be carried out over years to come.


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