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Dominspect Inc. has gained the trust and respect of many satisfied clients who have relied on us for the inspection of several of their properties and have referred to us their family, friends and acquaintances.

Property Inspection

A home inspection may be required:

  • When you own it, and wish to determine the state of the property and identify those points that need to be modified to improve the safety and comfort of the house, to uncover health hazards and to achieve energy savings;
  • When you plan on selling your property, as the inspection will provide you with a list of components that need to be corrected or improved before promoting the property or posting it on the Web;
  • When you plan on buying a property, to have a list of defects or components to be corrected, such as water infiltrations, mould, moisture, air drafts, fire hazards, risks of flood, a deteriorating roofing…, and to know the related costs before making an offer to purchase.
  • When you want to know the state of a component of your property, for example: should I have my roof replaced, will I save money by converting my heating system, what should I do with my fireplace, am I protected against a backflow into the house, should I replace my windows, etc.


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